Designer supervision

DESIGNER SUPERVISION is the control from the side of authors of the project, designing company of the compliance of the object that is created, constructed to the project solutions made in the process of designing and fixed in documentation. 
Designer supervision is the complex of actions made visually and documentarily and intended to defining of compliance of town-planning, architectural, painterly, technical, process and environmental solutions and actions made by the Contractor in the process of object construction to the decisions made in detail design of object construction and fixed in documentation.
Based on the right of author of creation of architectural, town-planning or park-and-garden activity to supervision for construction of buildings or facilities or other implementation of the corresponding project. Design supervision is implemented on the base of the contract concluded by the Customer with a designing company for a period of object construction.  

List of documents made under design supervision

1. Design supervision contract (Appendix 1).    
2. Schedule (Appendix 2).    
3. Cost estimate for design supervision.    
4. Design supervision log (Appendix 3).    
5. Information about persons responsible for design supervision.
Log of design supervision is given to the Customer by the General designing company in the time frame stipulated by the time schedule. The log shall be laced, signed by the director of the design company and notified by signature and stamp by the Customer. The log shall be given to General Contractor and kept at the construction site till construction completion.

Design documentation adaptation