Visual inspection of building structures and determination.

Inspection is the process including control, analysis and assessment of the building structure conditions.

Under technical inspection the building general operational characteristics shall be clarified, foundation, support structures and utilities conditions shall be defined, their physical deterioration shall be estimated.

1.1.   Visual inspection of a building includes:
1.1.1. Reveal of scope of works for preparation of contractual documentation.
1.1.2. Review of technical documentation.
1.1.3. Detail examination of building structures.
1.1.4. Execution of measuring works.
1.1.5. Execution of measuring drawings.
1.1.6. Graphic designing of materials with indication of revealed defects.
1.1.7. Photofixation of defects and damaged structures.
1.1.8. Decision-making according to the results of the structure condition estimation with conclusions and recommendations for their future operation. 

Measuring plans.

Measuring plans are necessary for start of works. These are the drawings showing all necessary dimensions for future development of the design project and for its implementation.