Design documentation development.

    Design documentation shall be developed in accordance with «Provision about scope of the design documentation sections and requirements to their contents» approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 16.02.2008 №87, (reference to our website)

    Design documentation for the construction objects in accordance with clause 48 of the Town-planning code of the Russian Federation is the documentation that contains textual materials and maps (layouts) and defines architectural, functional-and-process, structural and engineering-and-technical solutions for construction, upbuilding of construction objects, their parts, major repair, if it has impact on structural characteristics etc. of reliability and safety of construction objects.  
    Types of works for preparation of design documentation that have an effect on safety of construction objects shall be made by only legal bodies that have licenses of access to such works issued by a self-regulated organization.
Scope of design documentation sections:

   According to Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated the 16th February 2008 № 87 «About scope of the design documentation sections and requirements to their contents» design documentation for construction of production and non-production objects consists of 13 sections
Section1 «Explanatory note»
Section 2 «Arrangement of a land plot»
Section 3 «Architectural solutions»
Section 4 «Structural and space planning solutions»
Section 5 «Information about technical equipment, utilities, list of designing measures, contents of process solutions»
a)    subsection «Electricity supply»;
b)    subsection «Water supply system»
c)    subsection «Water discharge system»
d)    subsection «Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, heat networks»
e)    subsection «Communication networks»
f)    subsection «Gas supply system»
g)    subsection «Process solutions»
Section 6 «Construction organization project»
Section 7 «Work organization project – for demolition or dismantling of construction objects»
Section 8 «List of measurements for environmental protection»
Section 9 «Measurements for fire safety»
Section 10 «Measures for disabled people access»
Section 10.1. «Measures for fulfillment of power efficiency requirements and requirements for availability in the buildings, structures and facilities of energy resources accounting meters»
Section 11 «Construction estimates»
Section 12 «Other documentation in cases stipulated by federal laws»
State expertise of design documentation
    Design documentation of construction objects and results of engineering surveys made for preparation of such design documentation shall be subject to state expertise.
   The result of the design documentation state expertise is a decision about compliance (positive findings) or non-compliance (negative findings) of design documentation to the requirements of technical rules and results of engineering surveys, requirements to the scope of design documentation sections as well as about compliance of engineering survey’s results to requirements of technical rules (part 9, clause 50 of TPC).