SPZ project development

Sanitary protection zone is the area separating the mills, their single buildings and facilities with technological processes that are the sources of impact on the environment and health of people from the residential buildings, landscape area, recreation area, resort. Sanitary-protection zone is an obligatory element of any object that is the impact source on the environment and health of people.
Territory of sanitary protection zone (SPZ) is intended for:
•    guarantee of decrease of an atmospheric air pollution level, noise levels and other factors of negative impact till maximum permissible values beyond its limits on the border with residential territories
•    creation of sanitary protection and an aesthetic barrier between the mill area (group of the mills)and residential area;
•    arrangement of additional landscape areas providing screening, assimilation, filtration of atmospheric air pollutants and increase of microclimate comfort.

SPZ Project

Function of the sanitary protection zone is to be a protective barrier. That is why development of the SPZ project is necessary to guarantee people’s safety. Development of the SPZ project shall be made in accordance with sanitary-epidemiologic rules and norms approved by Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia dated the 25th September 2007: «Sanitary protection zones and sanitary classification of objects, facilities and mills».

SPZ development

Based on legal clauses of the sanitary protection zone determination for the purpose of people’s health protection.  Such basis is: clause 12 of Federal Law «About sanitary and epidemiological well-being of citizens» dated 30.03.1999, clause «About environmental protection» dated 10.01.2002 and «About atmospheric air protection» clause 88 of Land Code of the Russian Federation. Main tasks of sanitary-epidemiologic regulation are setting and fulfillment of relative requirements for health and environmental safety.