Declaration of Intention development.

According to Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation № 87 dated 16.02.2008, officially «Declaration of Intention» shall not be subject to examination by local authorities.
But practice of the large scale project implementation has shown that development of «Declaration of Intention» is necessary because its examination and approval by local authorities and supervision bodies is required for their project support, receiving of preliminary technical requirements (TR) of mill construction, registration of the Land Allotment Act, negotiations with state and local authorities about subsidies, tax benefits and other preferences etc. Development of «Declaration of Intention» allows at the preproject stage to receive a reliable assessment of the technical and economical indices of the investment project, to reveal its disadvantages and non-compliances for their further removal under development of design documentation that simplifies agreement of the Project in State Expertise as well as receiving of the Project approval by public that is an obligatory procedure, according to current acts of law. However, decision of preproject stage inclusion into the scope of works of a designing company shall be made by the Customer.