Feasibility study development (TEO). Pre-engineering. 

Old rules of development, agreement and approval of pre-project and project documentation for construction of the mills, buildings and structures in the territory of the Russian Federation established the order of preparation of construction in the general investment process. According to this order, «Study of technical feasibility of the project» was developed at the pre-project stage.
Feasibility study is the documentary results of market and technical and economical studies proving reasonability and possibility of investment project implementation, selection of the most effective organizational, technical and economical solutions for start-up of new facilities or reconstruction and upbuilding of existing production facilities. If necessary, Feasibility study shall be included into the business-plan. 
It includes:
•    general pre-conditions
•    market and mill capacity
•    material production factors
•    company location
•    design-and-engineering documentation
•    company organization and overhead expenses
•    labor force
•    planning of project implementation time schedule
•    financial-and-economical assessment of the project