In 1920s the task that PPI of USSR faced was to increase paper and board production that required improving of engineering and intensifying of construction speed for pulp-and-paper mills. Regarding that, in accordance with order of USSR SCNE dated the 2nd July 1929 National trust for construction and engineering of pulp and paper mills «Bumstroy» was established. It was responsible for complex construction engineering of new pulp-and-paper mills and expansion of existing ones.
Later «Bumstroy» was changed into Bumproekt, then into Leningrad division of Giprolesprom and, at last, renamed into Giprobum (State Institute for engineering of pulp-and-paper mills). Concerning increase of engineering works the net of designing companies was expanded – in 1935 in Kiev there was established Ukrainian branch – Ukrgiprobum, in 1944 – Moscow branch - Mosgiprobum, in 1951 – Rizsky branch – Latgiprobum and in 1956 – Irkutsk branch – Sibgiprobum. Later all these branches were changed into individual bodies.
In prewar years upon Giprobum projects such mills as Kama PPM, Solombalsk PPM, Marii PPM, Ingur Paper Mill, Arkhangelsk PPM etc. were built.  
Upon Giprobum projects Kondopoga PPM and Balakhna PPM were finished and expanded.
The Great Patriotic War broke the work of designers. By 1943 most of staff members were evacuated from Leningrad and dispersed on project teams of the mills.
In 1944 reevacuation of Giprobum staff to Leningrad started as well as reestablishment of the Institute and Ukrgiprobum.  
In 50s along with designing of expansion and reconstruction of existing mills, Giprobum developed projects of some big mills such as Kotlas Mill, Komsomolsk Mill, Krasnoyarsk Mill, Bratsk Mill etc.   
After 1960 USSR PPI began to develop rapidly. Upon Giprobum projects Syktyvkar Mill, Ust-Ilimsk Mill were built, several big mills were expanded and upbuilt.    
Leningrad specialized startup office «Orgbumdrev» was transferred under jurisdiction of Giprobum, and the Institute had the opportunity to provide startup and operation of the mills built upon its projects.  
From 1959 Giprobum is the head designing institute.  
In 1971 Giprobum was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for success in designing and construction of PPI mills.
Closed joint stock company Giprobum was established in 1990, and it is a legal successor of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor Institute of designing of pulp-and-paper mills «Giprobum» having 60-year experience of the head designing institute of the branch.
Upon Giprobum projects there were designed all big pulp-and-paper mills of the former USSR representing 70% of Russian PPI capacity as well as number of the big mills in China, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Sweden and Turkey.   
Today Giprobum is the Closed Joint Stock Company that kept its name, brand, and traditions, creative and qualified personnel.
Giprobum is a complex designing company of the branch having all disciplines needed for designing of the forest industry complex, general purpose industrial objects and facilities.  
The Customers of Giprobum are major pulp-and-paper mills – Kondopoga PPM, Kotlas PPM, Svetogorsk PPM, Ust-Ilimsk mill, Syktyvkar mill, St.Petersburg Board and Printing Mill implementing investment programs of modernization and technical reequipment of the mills.  
Also consulting services of Giprobum are used by the mills that need development of production recovery and stabilization programs. Also there are steady contacts with the mills of the Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.   
Wood-handling mills earlier serviced by other designing institutes have begun to request Giprobum for engineering services.  
We received orders for rather prestigious objects of St.Petersburg such as Britain business-centre on Nevsky prospect 25, Ice stadium for the World Hockey Championship 2000 etc.   
Giprobim has influence also among foreign machinery companies and contracting companies inviting us to execute engineering services. These include International Paper, JSC «Ilim Group».
Giprobum is an active member of Leningrad Association of Designing Companies (reference to CRO)

Our slogan is Reliability, Competence and Responsibility