List of services (includes all investment cycle)

• Pre-investment researches and basement for getting permits

• Research of technical status of buildings and structures, measuring drawings

• Collection, development and analysis of initial data for designing

• Complex working designing in all aspects using modern technical means and program products

• Author’s supervision and technical support of projects

• Technical assistance while using structures

Main job principles

• CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT AND SELF-STUDYING – timely adaptation to permanently changing conditions of organization functioning.

• INDEPENDENCE of any other structures and commercial interests allow GIPROBUM guarantee the CUSTOMERS complete objectivity of our recommendations and optimal decisions.

• FULL SET of design services. GIPROBUM executes by own means all kinds of engineering consulting, project and research works on all stages of investment cycle.

• CONFIDENTIALITY regarding Customer’s information and results of economic researches.

• HONESTY OF BUSINESS. Keeping and developing of our reputation of LOYAL and HONEST PARTNER, always ready to solve arisen problems, render help to CUSTOMER and be responsible for terms of development and results of our technical decisions and recommendations.



Advantage of our services.

• Highly qualified personnel with aged experience of consulting and general designing of factories for pulp and paper, timber-chemical and wood-processing industry provides world level of project characteristics. This confirmed by opinions of our Customers and expertise of leading world engineering and consulting companies.

•  Coordination of project services. Availability of necessary experts provides the development of all project stages by one company. This allows the Customer to be sure that all problems are discussed, nothing is lost and all risks of investment cycle are thoroughly studied and evaluated.

•  Availability of  consulting works and modern technology of designing methods acceptable for financial institutes, administrative and supervising organs.

•  Vast data base of works done before permits to quickly and accurately define expenses and duration of execution of consulting and design works.

•  Modern technical base provides usage of automated system of designing and quick and reliable of electronic communication with a Customer, which defines both the quality of works and minimal terms of works execution.

•  Possibility of fast mobilizing of own resources for execution of projects of any complicity and scale.

•  Possibility of works execution by plan agreed with a Customer (technology «С» - parallel designing and construction).

•  Personal responsibility of the leader (Chief Engineer) of the project for quality and terms of works execution for each order.

•  Knowledge and constant support of legislative and norm base allowing getting of permits and agreements with State Supervision organs.

•  Availability of information base for this brunch of industry, analytical researching of foreign information.

•  Subscription informational service of permanent Customers.

•  Coding of project documents according to Customers’ requirements.